Mediation is a method of dispute resolution where the parties in the dispute work, alongside a Mediator, in a collaborative problem-solving manner to achieve a mutually-agreed solution, formalized in a Settlement Agreement. The Mediator facilitates an examination and discussion of the points of contention to lead the parties to what would be, in many cases, a difficult business decision for each party. In Mediation, a result is not forced upon the parties, but rather it comes from the parties themselves. Mediation can be a high speed, low cost, high success rate method of resolving disputes with no risk of an adverse outcome being forced upon a party.

Mr. Madden has served as a Mediator in over 150 construction disputes with anywhere from 2 to as many as 10 parties in a dispute, often including governmental bodies, with the amount in dispute ranging from USD $500,000 to USD $650 Million.

Mr. Madden has mediated disputes with participants from 15 different countries around the world on matters involving major construction projects in fields such as transportation (highways, tunnels, bridges, railroads, airports), public utilities (power plants, water and sewer systems), commercial and residential high-rise construction.