Sample Projects

  • M50 motorway, Dublin

    M50 motorway, Dublin

  • Subway Train Hub, NYC

  • Dublin Port Tunnel

    Dublin Port Tunnel

  • Jumbo Ferry Washington

  • Cork Airport

  • Ted Williams Tunnel in Boston

    Ted Williams Tunnel in Boston

  • Subway Train Hub, NYC, DAB
  • M 50, Dublin, (DRB)
  • The “Big Dig”, Boston, MA, USA (Co-Mediator)
  • Co-Generation Power Plant, Islamabad, Pakistan (Party-appointed Arbitrator)
  • 200 KM LPG Pipeline, Mexico (ICC Chair)
  • Jumbo Ferry Project, Puget Sound, Washington, USA (Sole Mediator)

Mr. Madden has worked to resolve disputes in these types of projects:

Multi-lane highways, highways with railroad interface, railroads, airport terminals, multi-site solar energy facilities, underground train stations, co-generation power plants, bridges, tunnels, petrochemical plants, military/defense construction and systems, schools, residential (single family, high-rise), office towers, University facilities, medical facilities, swimming pool/health clubs, production studios, water supply and sewage treatment plants with ancillary road work, sulfuric acid plants, fire alarm systems, marine construction and ship building, pre-fabricated construction, structural engineering, design/build, EPC, engineering design, architectural design, shopping center and retail outlets, railroad construction, churches, container transport facilities, utility relocation, mechanical construction, garages and fluidized bed incinerator.